Utter Bastard (1996) 625 Productions

Song list: Beer Picnic, Piece of Shit, Macho Man, Five Finger Discount, Bass Fill Song, Harmonica Song, The Strain, Gettin' Unorthodox, Glam Rock, Four Horsemen, Old Men, We Drink Beer, Hippie Alert, Ego Shit, Punk Drunk, S.D.I., Flamin' Bag of Dogshit.

America in Decline; A U.S. hardcore/punk compilation (1996) Six Weeks Records

Song list: I Need W.C.W., Kid Dynomite

America In Decline

Fiesta Comes Alive! The Best of Slap a Ham Records Fiesta Grande (1997) Slap a Ham Records

Song list: Macho Man

Cause for Effect/Utter Bastard split cd (1997) Tylyt Levyt Records

Song list: Hawk, The Rotting, Little Benet Ramsey, Dr. E and Aquallish, Are you a Whore?

Utter Bastard/Deadbodieseverywhere split 7" (1998) 625 Productions

Song list: Slave State, Mighty Ramen, Brutal Truth, Slide Song

Cash, Gash & Thrash Comp 7" (1998) Grand Theft Audio and Richard Ramos

Song list: Wammie Bar Song

Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghh! "A Music War" Comp 7" (1998) Slap a Ham Records

Song list: Puke Machine

Menus With Manpower Comp cd (2000) KDVS 90.3 in Davis, Ca.

Song list: Death Metal or Die

Barbaric Thrash Detonation Comp cd and 7" (2000) 625 Productions

Song list: The Rush Song, Swollen Sphinctorial Disease

Utter Bastard/Irritate split cd (2002) Hostile Regression Records and Broken Noise Records

Song list: Black Metal Sucks Ass, Deadbodieseverywhere Song, Synthesizer Song, Alcoholic Purge, Brutal Truth Song, Hippie Locks, Captain Kirk, Death Metal or Die, Screw the Audience, Norwegian Drag Queen, Choke Song, Hawk, Piece of Shit, Mighty Ramen, Fashion Faux Paus, One Last Take, Guy Lombardo's Back in Town, Disco Man, Your Nicked, Are You a Whore?, Testes Hanging, Swollen Sphinctorial Disease, Rush song, Hippie Stoner Rock, Survival 101, Jive Ass Punk, 850 Bryant, Hatemonger, Crotch Rot, Mung Song.


If your interested in purchasing any of these recordings, e-mail Utter Bastard at supermaddog1@hotmail.com or gntlgrinder@yahoo.com.

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