Utter Bastard Skulls


Utter Bastard is a grindcore, hardcore, metal, punk rock, etc, etc, etc. band that has existed since 1995. The band was formed by original vocalist Josh Tarant and bassist George B. Guitarist Robert B. and drummer Liam D. came along to make the band complete. After performing at clubs throughout the bay area, the band released its first self-titled recording on 625 Productions in 1996. Since that point, Utter Bastard has played sporadically at venues such as 924 Gilman st., The Pound-SF, Kimo's, The Paradise Lounge and The Cherry Bar. They have also released records and cds with 625 Productions, Tylyt Lyvyt, Hostile Regression, Slap-a-Ham records and 6 Weeks records.


Utter Bastard's current line-up is vocalist Allen, guitarist Robert B., drummer Roberto Martinelli and bassist George B.



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